This section describes how to obtain the source code and carry out basic tests to make sure your system has been set up correctly and all dependencies are fulfilled.

Getting the code

The code for the client library is hosted at You can download the latest version of the code by using the command:

git clone

or install it with pip:

pip install mygpoclient

Running Unit tests

To make sure that the library is working and all dependencies are installed, please install the dependencies listed in the DEPENDENCIES file. After that, you can easily run the unit tests that come with the library:

make test

This will run all unit tests and doctests in the library. After the tests have been completed, you should get a summary with the test and code coverage statistics. The output should look like the following example if everything works (please note that the statement count could be different as development of the library continues):

Name                  Stmts   Exec  Cover   Missing
mygpoclient               5      5   100%
mygpoclient.api         155    155   100%
mygpoclient.http         52     52   100%
mygpoclient.json         22     22   100%
mygpoclient.locator      52     52   100%
mygpoclient.simple       16     16   100%
mygpoclient.util         20     20   100%
TOTAL                   322    322   100%
Ran 81 tests in 4.987s

Reading the module documentation

You can use the pydoc utility to read the documentation for the library. You probably want to use the following commands:

pydoc mygpoclient.simple
pydoc mygpoclient.api

If you want, you can let Epydoc create the API documentation in the source tree:

make docs

The resulting documentation will be created in the docs/ subdirectory.